Rangrezz ‘Nand Ka Lala’ at Lalbaug by avinash

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Rangrezz ‘Nand Ka Lala’ at Lalbaug by avinash

Jackky Bhagnani and the English Vinglish starlet, Priya Joshi have teamed up to star opposite each other in the movie Rangrezz which is about one's journey to do what it takes in friendship.

The dance steps in the song Nand Ka Laal ia tribute to Lord Krishna. Moreover, blending those same steps with the worldwide rage today, Jackky Bhagnani has done a desi version of the Korean megastar- Psy's Gangnam Style steps. Music director duo Sajid - Wajid and lyricist Sameer have done a tremendous job of giving this song and the rest of them, fantastic music to look forward to.

Pooja Entertainment, the production house behind Rangrezz, is the first one to make use of Vine, a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. The movie is based on friendship and is a remake of the Tamil hit 'Naadodigal'. The movie hits theatres on 21st March.

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Rangrezz ‘Nand Ka Lala’ at Lalbaug by avinash


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