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Modhi Vilayadu doesnât have a rare script, but has a gripping screenplay with more engrossing ingredients. Well, Director Saran who was drenched in desolate scenarios of continuous flops, Idhaya Thirudan and Vattaram, rebounds with a resplendent flick. Of course, the storyline seems to be partially similar to Prashanthâs Star, but an unparalleled narration makes the difference. Hats off to Vinay! The guy makes the bold attempt of dubbing for himself.

Udhay (Vinay) and Madhan (Yuva) are best friends, living life, enjoying the riches of Udhayaâs father Rajan Vasudev (Kalabavan Mani), who is one of the top 50 rich men in the world. Madhan lived with Udhay and Udhayaâs father took care of all of Madhanâs expenses.

Both the friends meet L R Eshwari (Kajal Agarwal), a pretty college student and both of them fall in love with her. Udhayaâs father surprisingly supports of Madhanâs love with L R Eeswari, when strange things begins to happen- Madhan gets killed, Udhay losses all his wealth and Udhay is on the run to save his life.

How does Udhaya find out the hidden secrets in his life?

And does he sort things out?

As in most of Saranâs films, the first half gets around with excellent moments with lighter ambience. In direct contrast, the latter part paces with unexpected twists and turns with sharpness. Vinay with his cute looks, delivers an enchanting performance, emoting to every situation. His dialogues with Kalabavan Mani during penultimate sequences are impressive. Kajol Agarwal seems to have improved a lot from her previous films Bommalaatam and Pazhani.

Kalabavan Mani as a clichéd baddie does justice to his role. Santhanam outperforms with amazing comedy tracks. Especially donât miss his spoofs on Aaryaâs Naan Kadavul, Jaiâs Subramaniapuram, and Vijayakanthâs Ramana. Haneefa and Mayilsamy do come up with rib-tickling factor that is quite commendable. Also actor to be mentioned is debutant Tattoo Ram, who is characterized as Alse. This actor looks elegantly perfect, fitting the space of his role. Mark our words! Heâs sure to make it big in tinsel town more like Prakash Raj and Pasupathy (great performers in South Indian film industry).

Musical score by Hariharan-Leslie (Colonial Brothers) isnât much appealing and doesnât withstand in your memories post-the-show. Cinematography is stylishly done with eye-capturing visuals.

Modhi Vilayadu is sure to make it big in box office for the riveting screenplay and good characterizations.

Verdict- Worth Watching⦠Donât miss it.

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