Dino Morea claims Jism 2 to be romantic thriller

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Dino Morea claims Jism 2 to be romantic thriller

Dino Morea has entred the reign of production or what! Guys if you don’t know, he is co-producing Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt’s next film Jism 2. He is elated about his new found role (we hope so are you all, as he is not acting in the film!)

Dino Morea is co-producing Jism 2

Dino Morea is co-producing Jism 2

Dino was in Hyderabad recently when he was asked about to reveal his take on Jism 2 and he quickly said, “I am co-producing “Jism 2″ along with Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt. The first look is already out and some have appreciated it, while others are feel it is vulgar and is a publicity stunt. But I honestly feel the picture is hot and lovely. And like Pooja tweeted, beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder. So it’s about how you look at the picture.”

So what kind of a film we can expect Jism 2 to be and he responded saying it to be a romatic thriller. “The film is a romantic thriller and the female protagonist has a very interesting role. I can’t say much about who she is, but I can tell you the film is not a sequel to “Jism”. It’s like the James Bond series where every film is different, but the mission is the same. It’s in the same genre – about crimes of passion,” exclaimed Dino.

Dino must be happy to have Sunny as a part of the movie? “As everyone knows, both Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja have spoken to her. If everything works out, we would love for her to be a part of the film. But nothing is confirmed yet,” said Dino.

He in Hyderabad, and what made him come here? “I love the biryani here. I wish I knew the Nizams, unfortunately I only started coming to Hyderabad ever since I started working. And I fell in love with the food here. I’ve been to the Film City too many times. But, apart from shooting, there’s nothing much to do. I have a few friends here like Ram Charan Tej and Rana. They are both really good buddies,” Dino signs off.

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Dino Morea claims Jism 2 to be romantic thriller
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