Sunny Leone to bare it all for Jism 2

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Thread posted: Jan 13, 2012 6:41 PM
Sunny Leone to bare it all for Jism 2

Sunny Leon

Sunny Leone became the most searched name on net after her entry into Bigg Boss 5. And with Mahesh Bhatt’s offer of Jism 2 she rose to instant limelight in India even. Pooja Bhatt was spotted explaining the opening scene of Jism 2 to Sunny Leone recently. The two were tracked down in a Five Star Hotel recently at Colaba in Mumbai. The explanation of the scene was nothing but barely nudity.

Her porn star status made Pooja think of presenting Sunny in a nude pose for her new venture. Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt even carried away pictures to her so as to show how she would appear on screen.

Fisheye Network, Pooja’s company had done a photo shoot with an unknown model in the nude pose where the model is lying down with transparent sheets on. The filmmakers claim that this picture which would be eventually shot with Sunny will become the first look of the film.

However the adult star Sunny has no reservations about shedding clothes, as she recently told in an interview, the actress has still not signed the film. “The contract is being readied. The modalities are being fast worked out. So far so good. Pooja and Sunny are on the same page,” said Mahesh Bhatt.

And if just in case things do not work out properly with Sunny, the sources claim to have Mallika Sherawat in the lead role instead.

“The Jism poster with Bipasha Basu’s honey coated legs became the talk of the town nine years ago. The poster of Jism 2 has been readied. The final poster will be readied with the actress who eventually signs the film,” says a close source. Meanwhile, Pooja has shown the current poster to many A-list stars in film business. “They were stunned by the aesthetics and sheer audacity of the design,” revealed the source.

Even Pooja said, “There is no reason why any actress under the sun should be apprehensive about a sequel to Jism or a design as path breaking as this. They would be in the best hands, creatively and aesthetically.”

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Sunny Leone to bare it all for Jism 2
Jism 2


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