Jism 2 Poster Unveiled

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Thread posted: Jan 13, 2012 6:40 PM
Jism 2 Poster Unveiled

Sunny Leone is the leading lady of Jism 2 or not is still not decided, but one thing that the poster of the film yells is that the movie is extremely sensuous. Pooja has not told her audience if she will cast the adult movie star Sunny in her film, but she has certainly given cues about the sensuality factor of the film.

“I ain’t letting my secret out. There’s quite a bit of speculation about Sunny Leone and Bipasha being part of the film, but I haven’t finalised the name yet. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make an official announcement soon. But we had a positive meeting with Sunny,” says Pooja.

And as far as the poster goes, Pooja says that since there was so much speculation, they decided to put a little teaser in place. “However, we must not forget that “Jism” doesn’t really depend on the face. It’s a brand name that works. It is sensual as opposed to “Murder”, which was sexual,” she says.

And quiz her about the male lead in the movie and she says that the film will habe two male leads but Rahut Bhatt is playing none of them. “I’ve also heard the story, but Rahul was never supposed to be part of this. There are two leading men with the lady, but since she’s the most important, we want to finalise her name first.”

Pooja adds “I want to start the movie in the “sizzling summer” of this year so that they can hot up next winter.”

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Jism 2 Poster Unveiled
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