Jaane Hoga Kya Story & Synopsis

Jaane Hoga Kya Story, Synopsis and Preview
Jaane Hoga Kya

The story revolves around a young, ambitious scientist of IMRC, Siddharth (Aftab Shivdasani) whose aim in life is to create a human clone in his laboratory. On his way to success he loses a friend-cum-colleague of his who dies in an experiment. Looking at Siddharthâs previous failures, IMRC doesnât allow him to carry forward the project. Then his love Aditi (Bipasha Basu) helps him with finance to start his project once again. He sets up a hi-tech lab.

The proceedings take a slight turn when Siddharth disappears from the city for making his project a success. Inspector Rathore (Rahul Dev) is suspicious of Siddharth and he begins to trace him.

Eventually, Siddharth achieves his aim. But his clone turns out to be stronger than expected and is not even affected by powerful blows. The clone behaves like the Superman. It goes missing and makes Siddharthâs life miserable.The clone plays around with Suchitra (Preeti Jhangiani), daughter of Siddharthâs guru, Prof. Krishnan (Paresh Rawal). It later kills Prof. Krishnan to get the project file. Inspector Rathore swings into action and puts Siddharth behind bars, suspecting him of killing Prof. Krishnan.

As the movie comes near its climax, it is shown that the clone is directed by Aditi, who wants to take revenge from Siddharth.

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