I Am Singh Story & Synopsis

I Am Singh Story, Synopsis and Preview
I Am Singh

I AM SINGH portrays the trials and tribulations of men whose stories were never highlighted. After the 9/11 tragedy in America, the Sikhs were targeted all over and were the victims of mistaken identity. The film highlights what happened to few such people and their fights against it, never losing the faith in the American judicial system.

This story is about a young Sikh named Ranveer Singh, a young, confident man settled in India. Ranveer's elder brothers are citizens of America. Ranveer's life takes a turn when he receives a call and he comes to know that one of his brothers is dead, his father is seriously injured and his other brother is missing. The cause of this is unknown.

Ranveer is in a dilemma and immediately leaves for the US. He doesn't know what is in store for him. Ranveer reaches the US and tries to find out what actually happened to his family. He doesn't get the right answers. Further, he is more shocked and confused with the situation. However, something keeps telling him that there is more to the whole incident, what seems on the face is not the fact, the fact remains a mystery to him. Then, Ranveer meets a Pakistani, Rizwan Haider, who now is an American citizen. Rizwan tells him what actually had happened on that day. Ranveer seeks the local citizen, a Sikh named Fateh Singh who is a police officer in the LAPD. Fateh Singh guides him on which path to choose and introduces him to Amelia White, an American human rights activist and an attorney. Amy Washington, an American senior attorney, further fights the case. Together they fight the battle of equality and justice for everyone in the true American spirit.

A spirit rekindled by a man called 'SINGH'.


Gulzar Inder Chahal: Ranveer Singh

A young and strong willed Entrepreneur, born and brought up in Indian who had everything in life what one could wish for. Post 9/11, his family that resides in the US fell prey to a tragedy, a tragedy that shook up his entire life and changes his world completely. A determined and fearless Ranveer Singh, who had never given up in his life, decides to embark upon a difficult but righteous journey to achieve justice for the honor of his family and stand up for his identity, his Turban.

Rizwan Haider: Rizwan Hyder

A progressive American Muslim whose roots lie in Pakistan. A man who believes in the teachings of the holy Quran and condemns terrorism as much as he condemns racism. A selfless and humane individual who stands up for what's right even after being a victim of 9/11 and having lost everything he held close to his heart.

Amy Rasimas: Amy Washington

A young and fearless dynamic trial lawyer, who empowers the courtroom with her faith in what's righteous, ethical and principled. She fights for the Human and Civil rights of the South Asian community in America. An extremely strong headed and confident law representative who doesn't mince her words and stands by the truth.

Brooke Johnston: Amelia White

A morally upright, honorable, incorruptible lawyer, who re-instills faith in the ones who are in a quest for justice. With fire in her belly and a smile on her face. Amelia White is the definition of true American spirit, she believes in justice for the innocent and humanity above all.

Puneet Issar: Fateh Singh

A daredevil LAPD officer, who posts the tragedy of 9/11, was a victim of racial discrimination. He was suspended since he refused to abide by the No Turban Policy of the US police department and the generalization of all Asians post the terror attack. A man of valor & honor, the indomitable Sikh, a true Sikh who has a profound sense of self and has the courage to fight against injustice not only for himself but also others. 

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