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Khogiram (Atul Kulkarni), his wife (Rituparna Sengupta) and their kids Pinu (Darsheel) and Rimzim (Zia) belong to a terrorist dominated region. Khogiram and Ritu have a hand-to-mouth income working for a tea plantation and can barely manage things. The kids are affected by this as well. They go to a respectable... read more

Genre: Kids, Social
Language: Hindi
Release Date: May, 14, 2010
Directed By: -
Produced By: -

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Bumm Bumm Bole Movie Review

Adapted from Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s Oscar nominated film Children of Heaven (1997), Priyadarshan directed Bumm Bumm Bole is a sweet little

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Updated & latest information about Bumm Bumm Bole Hindi movie with the release date of May, 14, 2010. The movie cast includes Darsheel Safary, Atul Kulkarni, Rituparna Sengupta, Ziyah Vastani, and is directed by - and produced by -. Bumm Bumm Bole has currently 45 images and stills with option to download latest wallpapers of the film on Movies.com.pk. Watch Bumm Bumm Bole movie latest promos, movie trailer and music videos along with the movie wiki, latest news and updates. Share your views and film review below.

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