Bachao Story & Synopsis

Bachao Story, Synopsis and Preview

Rumours say that a year back some body was murdered, at Blue Roof Guest House. After that incident people believe that, the guest House is haunted and spooky. The guest house Manager Waghmare (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) is sure that this guest house is a den of laughing ghosts and lurking spirits. Sahil and Rakesh (leads) are best friends and are bored and frustrated trying their luck in bollywood. Sahil wants to become a famous writer while Rakesh believes that he has it in him. To be Bollywood's top director. Anu is Sahil's girlfriend who wants to marry him desperately so they catch hold of a financer Mungi lal (Tiku Talsania) who is a jeweller. Mungi Lal has a pretty but dumb daughter Sakshi (heroine) who has always wanted to be a movie star. Anu makes Sakshi meet Sahil and Rakesh who get her into their sweet talks and convince her to become the producer of a film that Rakesh will direct and Sahil will write. Mungi comes to Aslam Dog an underworld don (Shakti Kapoor) and gives him big filmy talks and convinces him to finance this film which is going to be super duper hit. And so the entire unit comes to Blue Roof guest house to shoot an authentic horror film for Sakshi. However Waghmare doesn't give them permission to shoot there as he says this guest is a nest of ghosts who will not let them shoot in peace. and action...shooting begins in full swing however slowly by slowly Waghmare's warnings start coming true. There is absolute chaos and confusion caused in this haunted guest house by ghosts and spirits. One by one mysterious murders start taking place in the guest house. Various un answered questions lead to more panic...After all who are these ghosts and what do they want??? In this hilariously funny and comic manner one by one all mysteries start getting solved. There are various twists and turns which are revealed in this rib tickling horror comedy "BACHAO".... titillating tale of tingling ghosts...

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