Veena Malik plays sex worker in Zindagi 50-50

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Veena Malik plays sex worker in Zindagi 50-50

Veena Malik, who is this time in Mumbai for a very secret project, is uncharacteristically tight lipped. After all the controversial activities on Bigg Boss and shooting an item song for a film, Veena has bagged the biographical role a sex worker from Mumbai named Madhuri who has been moonlighting as a sex worker for years to support her family. The actress has been in Mumbai very quietly meeting sex workers; particularly Madhuri on whom her character in a film called Zindagi 50-50 is based.

Veena has been visiting Mumbai to prepare and shoot for her part. "Main sach boloon aapko? This film has changed my life and my attitude to women and sex workers in particular. When director Sanjay Ruia came to me, he wanted me to play another role in Zindagi 50-50. I insisted on playing Madhuri. Koi connect hai. Koi linkÔÇŽI don't know what it was. But I instantly empathized with Madhuri's responsibilities towards her large family. Maybe because I come from a family of five daughters and one son. But I understand what it feels like to be a woman in a male-dominated society. I've always supported myself, been on my own."

Veena spent hours with Madhuri, got to know about her dual life. "In the daytime, she's a normal middleclass girl. In the night, she puts on her burqa and goes to work in the red-light area, just like any normal working-girl. I loved the dignity that Madhuri brings to her life and her work. I hope I am able to convey the same dignity in my performance."

The role has encouraged Veena to work towards the betterment of the lives of sex workers. "We've rules, laws, organizations and activists fighting for animal welfare. But who cares about the sex workers? I am appalled by the way they live in the red-light areas, not just in India but across Asia. These women deserve a much better life."

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