Reema Khan marries US surgeon Tariq Shahab

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Reema Khan marries US surgeon Tariq Shahab

Pakistani actress Reema Khan, who started her film career in 1990, has married a surgeon in the US, it was reported here.

Reema Khan married American cardiologist Tariq Shahab Wednesday in a Virginia court.

The actress told Geo News on telephone that that she considers herself very lucky as she will be a part of an educated and respected family.

Pakistani fashion designer Hassan Shehryar has prepared the wedding dresses for the bride and groom.

After the wedding, the actress will stay in the US for a few weeks in a house Shahab bought for her.

Her first film, "Bulandi", was followed by a string of movies, including "Hathi Mera Sathi", "Beta", "Munda Bigra Jai", "Miss Istanbul", "Hum Tou Chalay Susral", "Chahat", "Insaniyat", "Hawaain", "Rani Beti Raj Karay Gi", "Niki Jai Haan", "NNikkah" and "Koi Tujh Sa Kahan".

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