Reema: A conversation with Lollywood’s Golden Girl

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Reema: A conversation with Lollywood’s Golden Girl

Referred to by many as Pakistan’s Aishwarya Rai and Lollywood’s Golden Girl, Reema Khan shares her experiences in the industry and her upcoming plans. A talented actor who has featured in over 200 films, Reema debuted as a director and producer with the award winning movie Koi Tujh Sa Kahan in 2005.

Now, after a gap of six years, she is back in the business with Love Mein Ghum, an upcoming Lollywood film, which is directed and produced by Reema herself, who won best actor and director at the 2006 Lux Style Awards.

Talking about Love Mein Ghum, which has a potpourri of stars in the title track, Reema said, “Getting so many big stars together was a difficult task, but I really wanted it and when I am up for something, I just don’t let it go out of my hands.”

Reminiscing about the past when she first stepped into the world of films as a 13-year-old, with her debut movie Bulandi, Reema says she had to face a lot of harsh criticism before she could finally stamp her authority in the industry. “I had to put up with immense criticism from all sides, but two things helped me and made me what I am today. Firstly, my looks — my skin and hair — and secondly, my confidence went a long way.”

Recalling her struggles in the initial days, Reema feels she has not only evolved as an actor but has also learnt how to live through hardships. “I was a nobody without any connections or contacts in the industry. To be honest, I didn’t know what to say, how to speak, or how to even dance. The Lollywood stars of those days would often shun me, saying ‘Look, she is a small girl and will not be seen for long.’ But I stood where I was and worked my way up.”

However, the optimistic star also had bouts of uncertainty, as a result of which she decided to be selective with her films. “What Lollywood was offering was routine scripts and pathetic songs. I don’t compromise on work, on decency or on grace! Hence, I decided to do my own film, Koi Tujh Sa Kahan.”

With that attitude and work ethic, Reema has reached great heights of success. Not only is she a known film actor, director-producer, anchor, stage performer, she is also a columnist for Urdu newspaper, Khabrain. “I’ve been writing for the paper for the past six years and I discuss different issues.”

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