Moufid Aziz Biography

Moufid Aziz Biography
Moufid Aziz

After the surge of foreign born women into Bollywood, here come the men. Moufid Aziz (or Moufid Abdelaziz Junior, to give his full name) has a bio as exotic as any of these women who have started to make a name in the glamour world. He was born in Brazil to parents of Portuguese and Arabic heritage, though not in glamorous Rio but in the southern city of Curituba. That is also the city where he started his modelling career but his ambitions soon took him to Sao Paulo and then to many other parts of Brazil.

But within 5 quick years, Moufid left the shores of Brazil travelling in destinations as Germany, Japan, Spain , Hong Kong, South Africa , India, Portugal and Singapore; working with names as big as Gucci , Chanel , Ermenegildo Zegna, Pepsi, Gatorade , Volkswagen ,Blackberry ,Fausen Haten , Samsung, LG and Hyundai and walking the ramp at Sao Paulo fashion week, Rio fashion week, Barcelona fashion week and India Fashion week.

India, in particular, took a particular liking to this model of mixed heritage offering him not just ramp walks but television commercials for Lux, Xylys, Maruti SX4, and Slice in which he appeared with the likes of Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra.

It is no wonder then that Bollywood soon came calling with some really interesting roles: Moufid will be making his debut in a really interesting character role with Imtiaz Ali's "Rockstar" which releases in November.

Moufid believes that his mixed heritage and his wide travel give him a greater appreciation of the challenges of his profession, and he is confident that his focus, professionalism, and keen desire to get the job done no matter the obstacles will serve him well in the long term. Looking out into the distance, Moufid sees himself not just as an actor and model, but as an entrepreneur who can use his business experience in the industry to perhaps start his own agency.

When not working, Moufid loves to surf or skate in the dark of the night. If next time you are passing by the St. Andrew’s School grounds in Bandra and you see a handsome young man playing football with the kids with not a care in the world, you would have spotted the next big thing in India’s glamour industry: Moufid Aziz.

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