Madambu Kunjikuttan Biography

Madambu Kunjikuttan Biography
Madambu Kunjikuttan

Madampu Sankaran Namboothiri , popularly known as Madampu Kunjukuttan, is a renowned Malayalam author and a screenplay writer. He was born on 1941 in Kiralur, a small village in Thrissur district, in the Indian state of Kerala. He is one of the most prolific and versatile writers in modern Malayalam literature. His novels, short stories and screenplays speaks more about the Kerala society. He has won the National Film Award for Best Screenplay in 2000 for the film Karunam, directed by Jayaraj.

He was was born in Kiralur village Thrissur district on 1942. His family is famous for Yaga among Namboothiri community and was among one of the influential families in the old Peruvanam village in Kerala. His father late Sankaran Namboodiri was a great influence among the local people and served as a rural judge while his mother was an house wife. He studied Sanskrit, Hasthyaayurvedam(treatment of elephants), worked as teacher for Sanskrit at Kodungalloor and was also a priest in nearby temple. Madampu also worked in Akasavani (All India Radio). His informal teachers were Poomully Aram Thamuran in Hasthyaayurvedam, the famous writer Kovilan for literature and Parabhattaraka Ananganandha Theertha Pada Sree Guru in Tantric Philiosophy.He married Savithri Antharjanam and the couple have two daughters: Jaseena Madampu and Haseena Madampu.

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