Lizy Priyadarshan Biography

Lizy Priyadarshan Biography
Lizy Priyadarshan

Lizy is a South Indian film actress. She is a Malayalam actress who also acted in Telugu and Tamil movies.

Early life and family

Her family is from Pukkattupady, a place in Ernakulam district at Aluva-Thripunitura and Ernakulam-Perumbavoor bus root intersection. Her father died at her younger age. She was brought up by her mother Aliyamma (ഏലിയാമ, Malayalam of Elizabeth) as a Roman Catholic. She married Malayalam film director Priyadarshan. She has two children, daughter Kalyani and son Sidharth.

After marriage she took Hindu name Lakshmi. There after in press she is know as Lakshmi Priyadarshan, Lakshmi Priyadarshani and occasionally Lissy Priyadarshan.


Lizy started her film career in early 1980s and ended in early 1990s. She met her husband, Priyadarshan, on the set of his second film. They have done 12 movies together, though she has since quit acting.

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