Balakrishna Biography

Balakrishna Biography

Nandamuri Balakrishna entered the film Industry at the age of 14 through his home production Tathammakala, in which he had the opportuinty to work with Late Sri NTR and Dr. Bhanumati Ramakrishna. For 10 successive years he acted off and on in movies mostly produced under his home production. 1984 is the year when his first movie as a solo hero was released and interestingly he acted in very less number of movies made under his home productions after that.

Even though entered the film industry because of his father, later his hard work, discipline, talent and dedication made him stand in the industry. He believes in astrology and numerology.

He acted in a movie called annadammula anubandham, a remake of Dharmendra's hindi hit yadonki barat at the age of 16. Upon watching this movie, the other legend of the Telugu film industry Sri. ANR's comment was "'Simham kadupuna Simham puttindi'. He acted in a brother's role to his real life father in that movie as well as in "Roudi Ramudu Konte Krishnudu", and in a son's role to his real life brother Hari Krishna in the movie "Dana Veera Sura Karna". In the year 1984, he acted in 3 popular films, "Mangamma gari Manavadu", "Kathanayakudu" and his home production "Sri Madvirat Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swamy Charitra".

In the year 1986, the magazine "The Week" published Balakrishna's picture as cover page. During the year of 1993 only two of his movies were released and surprisingly both of them were released on the same day. This is a very rare event in the telugu film industry. He ended the millenium with a pouplar movie 'samara simha reddy'.

Balayya is famous for his roles in the movies made with village backdrop. He worked as an associate director for his father's last directional venture (Samrat Asoka). He is an fan and admirer of his father, he has respect for his father's contemporaries.

Yuvaratna's Yuvagarjana

An amazing gathering people thronged onto Guntur to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon called Nandamuri Balakrishna alias Balayya on Nov 5, 2008 on the eve of 'Yuvagarjana'. Yuvagarjana thus surpasses the earlier political meetings of Balarkishna's father Late Sri NTR, who managed to garner huge gatherings of people on many occasions. While the actual venue was jam packed to the core with people. [1]. The NH-5 highway at the venue was blocked with vehicles and Nandamuri clan fans trying to enter the venue. [2]. NH-5 and NH-9 were overwhelmed with vehicles of Nandamuri and TDP fans and traffic jams were seen.


NBK acted in 89 movies so far. Three of the 76 movies are silver jubilee pictures.He entered cine field as a child artist. He got his first commercial break as Hero with 'Mangamma Gari Manavadu'. Bhargava Arts and Kodi Rama Krishna are responsible for the elevation of Hero image for Balaiah in the early days. Balaiah did lot of 'Rural' movies that are run away hits. Another milestone in the career of NBK is 'Muddula Mavaiah' from the makers of MGM. But the director who made NBK most successful is B Gopal. Rowdy Inspector had set the cash registers ringing in 1992 summer.

After Peddannayya, nothing significant happened until 1999 for NBK other than a string of flops. His Samarsimha Reddy which was released with deficit, truly speaking this movie created wonders at box office. SamaraSimha Reddy is the pinnacle of success for NBK. His movies Samara Simha Reddy, Narasimha Naidu has rewritten the box office records. Narasimha Naidu took everybody by surprise. He won the 'Cine Goers Association's best actor award for 2001' and 'Nandi award for the year 2002' his performance in Narasimha Naidu. Also, conferred on him was the "Natasimha" tag and it was a sweet accolade that marked the silver jubilee of his career.

He had acted in 4 Golden Jubilee movies produced under the Bhargav Arts (producer Sri. S. Gopala Reddy) banner.

Though he is known for ferocious acting, he too had played soft roles and got the appreciation from all and sundry. Three immaculate classics of NBK career are 'Naari Naari Naduma Muraari' , 'Aditya369' and 'Bhairava Dweepam'. So far NBK had '6 golden Jubilee' movies to his credit.

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